Sunday, October 23, 2011

My Modern Man Experience

I am back to give you more insight about this Modern Man.

So I had been on a few dates and discovered that I was constantly attracting and dating these modern men.  It even got to the point where I was questioning if my standards were too high.  Was I just going to have to settle for the man that make me feel like less of a woman?  It is like they want me to share the role of man with them... I don't think so.

Where do we draw the line on the role of a man and the role of a women in the dating game?  We can argue equality for all, but again, I am an old fashioned type of gal when it comes to dating.  I believe that chivalry is alive and well... maybe rare but not yet extinct. 

I went out on a first date with a guy (we will call him John).  John paid for the date which consisted of a kite and some frozen yogurt.  But during the date John made it clear that he expects a women to pick up the bill every now and then.  Being new to this way of thinking about dating, I just went with it.  We never had a second date

I went out with Tony.  He paid for the first 2 dates (but I had to pick up the tip on the 2nd date).  I paid for the next 2 dates.  Now I have to say that I felt a little uncomfortable with paying, but again, I was thinking that is the way it is now.  Also, I had to hear about him paying for the first 2 irritating.
I really can't stand to hear about what you chose to do for me (I didn't ask you to do; you chose to do it). Anyhoo... I digress...

They both explained that they normally date older women, and the women had no problem taking care of the bill and buying them things.  That begs the question:  Is it the women who created these "Modern" Men?

It is not all about the time I'll talk about the chase.

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  1. Ok I'll through my two cents on the table on this one. If both parties are just looking to have a good time then I don't think that it matters who pays for the date. As long as you both know up front what is going on. Example: Hey I really look this spot and I'd like to be in your company there. Well, the person that is asking should pay.If you know a place you want to go and ask me , then you should pay. I'm married now, but when I was dating I never took it that serious. Because what most people call "Dating" in itself is somewhat flawed and kind of a joke if you are looking for something more from the other party. Hey that's just my opinion.